Bends for extraction systems

Our range of bends for networks of hoses for extraction of wood chips and wood sawdust are mainly used in the development of an industrial dust extraction system, or an extraction installation for woodworking. This range is also used for extraction in production processes that emit other types of dust and waste: for example dust and chips of plastic, aluminum, or fumes from welding work.

Some professionals also use this range to assemble their pneumatic transport networks, such as when transporting sawdust for the production of wood pellets. The pressed bends or segment bends for wood chip extraction networks are available in different bending radii and different diameters. Their application is within the reach of any person who has some manual and technical skills.

Assembly is done easily using different types of assembly rings that you can find by consulting the following category:

Our industrial extraction network bends are made of galvanized steel, either pressed or composed of segments. This gives them a long lifespan.


Due to the variable shipping volume, which is sometimes difficult to determine, we apply an on-demand policy for the transport price. Of course, collection is also always an option.

    Galvanized, segmented bend with radius 1.5 - 1

    Galvanized, segmented bend...

    Price €20.16
    Segmented galvanized bend for dust extraction installations.
      Pressed galvanized bend with radius 1.5 - 1

      Pressed galvanized bend...

      Price €15.63
      Pressed galvanized bend for dust extraction installations.