Cone pieces

Reduction cones for extraction system

Reduction cones

Our range of reduction cones is mainly used for the realization of industrial dust extraction systems. The cones allow a smooth transition from one diameter to another or allow the adjustment of a branch or fitting that does not have the required diameter.

Assembly is easy thanks to our different clamping rings (connection to be marked).

The reduction cones are useful in various sectors:

Extraction in woodworking.

Extraction in production processes that emit other types of substances and waste: for example dust and chips of plastic, aluminum, or fumes from welding work.

Some professionals also use this range to assemble their pneumatic transport networks, such as when transporting sawdust for the manufacture of wood pellets.

    Cone piece - Pipe adapter to flexible - 1

    Cone piece - Pipe adapter...

    Price €18.76
    Pipe adapter to flexible hose for dust extraction
      Cone piece - Pipe to pipe adapter - 1

      Cone piece - Pipe to pipe...

      Price €13.54
      Reduction cones