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HOMAG Group is the world's leading manufacturer for woodworking machinery and systems for the wood-processing industry and trades.

Throughout its company history of more than 60 years, the HOMAG Group has developed a huge range of innovations and has established these products on the market. Now a global business, it has developed into a technology leader in its industry. Thanks to its engineering skill and foresight, the HOMAG Group has established itself as a world market leader.

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Hornberger Maschinenbau oHG is founded by Eugen Hornberger and Gerhard Schuler1960
The world's first edge banding machine based on the hot-cold process is developed1962
Double-sided edge banding machines are developed1965
The first combined dimensioning and edge banding machine is developed1967
The first panel dividing saw with pressure beam is developed1970
The first CNC machine is developed1974
The first electronic machine control system is developed1975
BRANDT is integrated into the company1976
HOMAG Machinery São Paulo is founded
First continuous operation press is developed
Lignos software developed as a solution for the furniture industry1978
First computer-controlled area storage system
FRIZ is integrated into the company
The first furniture production line is developed
BARGSTEDT is integrated into the company
WEEKE is integrated into the company1986
The first shaped part throughfeed machine for dimensioning and edging is developed
HOLZMA is integrated into the company
The first processing center for shaped parts is developed1989
LIGMATECH is integrated into the company1990
The woodWOP CNC programming system is introduced1992
The first automatic wall and gable production system is developed1993
HOMAG Machinery Shanghai (China) is founded1994
The first packaging system for pre-fabricated furniture is developed1996
The first high-performance assembly line with robotic feeding is developed1997
WEINMANN is integrated into the company1998
The powerLine high-performance machine for batch size 1 production is developed2001
WBZ series for joinery and beam processing
BÜTFERING integrated into the company
TORWEGGE integrated into the company2003
Procedures for producing, edging and finishing lightweight panels are established
HOMAG Machinery Środa is founded
The printLine edge printing process using inkjet is established2005
Floated on the stock market
doubleEdge lightweight construction technology is developed
The SORB TECH shock-absorbing basic machine design is developed2008
The laserTec edge banding process with no visible joints is developed
The panel process center for processing solid wood elements is launched on the market
The new reacTec laminating technology is developed2010
HOMAG Machinery Bangalore (India) is founded2011
The new powerTouch user interface is developed2013
The majority takeover by Dürr is concluded2014
Sales exceed the one-billion mark for the first time in the company's history2015
Automation through integrated robots2015
One Company - One Brand. The new brand strategy provides clarity and facilitates orientation on a global scale. All products now bear the HOMAG logo.
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Foundation of tapio as the digital ecosystem of the branch.
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Automated guided vehicles as a connection of individual machines and cells2018
Virtual commissioning with a digital twin2018
Foundation of the Digital Factory2018
HOMAG CUBE: Your central component for the digital workshop
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copy of Changer head for changer Homag - 1

copy of Changer head for...

Price €160.00
Changer head for changer Homag ref. 2-012-80-1200
    Swiveling saw or drilling aggregate - 1

    Swiveling saw or drilling...

    Price €2,750.00
    HOMAG HSK - F63 tilting saw/drill aggregate for machining center with C axis 0-360°
      Homag drill / saw aggregate - 1

      Homag drill / saw aggregate

      Price €1,750.00
      Homag Drill / saw aggregate 2-017-95-4410
        Homag Drill / saw unit - 1

        Homag Drill / saw unit

        Price €1,950.00
        Homag Drill / saw aggregate 2-017-95-4380
          Homag display 800x600 12" - 1

          Homag display 800x600 12"

          Price €1,000.00
          homag display color LCD 800x600 12" LM80C312
            copy of ITALPRESSE SP1-A - copy of manual - 1

            ITALPRESSE UT-6-P - copy of...

            Price €15.00
            ITALPRESSE UT-6-P - Copy of manual
              ITALPRESSE SP1-A - copy of manual - 1

              ITALPRESSE SP1-A - copy of...

              Price €10.00
              ITALPRESSE SP1-A - Copy of manual
                ITALPRESSE SCF-6 - copy of manual - 1

                ITALPRESSE SCF-6 - copy of...

                Price €15.00
                ITALPRESSE SCF-6 - Copy of manual
                  ITALPRESSE PL-9 - copy of manual - 1

                  ITALPRESSE PL-9 - copy of...

                  Price €15.00
                  ITALPRESSE PL-9 - Copy of manual
                    ITALPRESSE P-339 - copy of manual - 1

                    ITALPRESSE P-339 - copy of...

                    Price €10.00
                    ITALPRESSE P-339 - Copy of manual
                      ITALPRESSE nuovo program - copy of manual - 1

                      ITALPRESSE nuovo program -...

                      Price €15.00
                      ITALPRESSE nuovo program - Copy of manual
                        ITALPRESSE ITT-8 - copy of manual - 1

                        ITALPRESSE ITT-8 - copy of...

                        Price €15.00
                        ITALPRESSE ITT-8 - Copy of manual